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Eloïse, little dreamer

“Eloïse, little dreamer” is my graduation short from Concordia University in Québec Canada.

Animation take a long time to produce, so big thanks to everyone who supported the project and every Film Festival who presented the finished film. Another big thanks for the amazing work of my sound designer and music composer, the film would not be the same without the soundtrack! More link down below.

Created & animated: Myriam l. Obin
Sound Design: Emily Laliberté
Music compositor: Vincent l. Pratte

List of the Awards,
61. Winner of the visual art competition Poland to celebrate the Berlin Wall fall 25 years ago
60. New York City international film festival – Best international animation film
59. Best experimental film from Monster cinema
58. Rhode island international film festival – best children animation
57. Best student’s animated film from Mosaic film festival
56. After hour film society of Chicago – Award of excellence

Film festival:
55. Broken Knuckle Online Film Festival,
54. Tuzla Film Festival,
53. international Children’s Filmfestival Filem’On Brussels,
52. Burbank International Film Festival (Los Angeles)
51. Adorra Kids Film Festival (Barcelone)
50. Animaze (Montreal, museum of Fine Arts)
49. Hiroshima, “star of student” (Japan)
48. Festival de Cine y Derechos humanos de Barcelona
47. FIlm Quest, (Utah)
46. Animation Day at Cannes
45. “Breakthroughs Film Festival” (Canada, Toronto)
44. Largo Film Award (Geneva, Switzerland)
43. Projection à la place des arts de Montréal (Canada, Québec)
42. Marché du film court de Clermont Ferrand (France)
41. Le Rendez-vous du cinéma Québécois (Canada, Québec)
40. Kinofilm Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival (UK)
39. ANNECY+ ( coup de coeur du jury)
38. Human Rights Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
37. Ethiopian International Film Festival | EIFFPast Screenings
36. siffcy New Delhi (India)
35. Rhode Island (Two more small screening)
34. The art market “Lametta” (Germany)
33. Kyiv international film festival Molovist (Ukrainia)
32. Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Film Festival (Providence, Rhode Island)
31. Anima Syros (Greece)
30. Festival Dytiatko (Ukrainia)
29. Mosaic World film festival (Rockford)
28. Anifest Rozafa (Albania)
27. Sidewalk film festival (Alabama)
26. Rhode island international film festival (Providence)
25. Animation block (Brooklyn)
24. Global Revolution Festival (New York)
23. Frederick film festival (Maryland)
21. Cinema Monster film festival (Pennsylvania)
20. Kids Film Fest (Brooklyn)
19.Cinerama BC (Balneário Camboriú)
18. Starfest 15 (Florida)
17. Seattle International film festival (Best of the Fest)
16. Firereel film festival (California)
15. Long story short (washington)
14. New York City International Film Festival
13. Neum animated film festival (Bosnia)
12. VAFI international film festival (Croatia)
11. 300 minutes international film festival (Karlsruhe)
10. National film festival for talented youth (Seattle)
09. Soul 4 Reel film festival (Maryland)
08. RxSM self medicated film festival (Texas)
07. Artemis film festival (Santa-Monica)
06. (in)justice for all Film Festival (Chicago)
05. Animex Award (UK)
04. A.B.M.N FF (San Francisco)
03. Victoria indie film fest (Texas)
02. Pune Short film festival (India)
01. Tally short film festival (Florida)

Special Mention
Horizon Award (Finalist)

More information:
About the film update:
Sound Designer website:
Music composer website:

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