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Robert Pospiš & Martin Sillay – In that wide field

Official video for the song In That Wide Field from the album Robert Pospiš & Martin Sillay – Balady (2015 – Real Music House). Director: Andrej Kolenčík Collaborators: Katarína Geffertová, Monika Mahútová “The concept and realization of the video was exclusively in the hands of Andrej Kolenčík. We chose the song In That Wide Field because it has a really strong emotional lyrics and a characteristic atmosphere. We want to bring something new, unattended and unheard of, but especially valuable. The idea of ​​creating an animated video for a song In that wide field, one day it simply dug into our heads. We like to combine seemingly non-combinable, we give things a new character and we appeal to the cooperation of quality domestic artists. That is why we are attracted by the connection of a new version of a folk song and an atmospheric video clip. This story began with the recording and release of the album Balady. Even though this is our third joint CD, we have fulfilled one of our musical dreams at Ballads. Eleven well-known folk songs from various parts of Slovakia have turned into a mixture of folk, blues or alternative rock in our performance. We also owe the final result to the great musicians Roman Harvan (cello) and Juraj Šušanik (drums and percussion). ”In that wide field (Ľudová / Robert Pospiš): war. She knelt, swore, went nice to the war, she got married. He jumped on the horse, the breeze turned, smelling the field on her cheeks, which were unfaithful. He pulled out the saber, stabbed in the heart, did not beg, did not cry, ran into the darkness. And on that grave, a white lily, in memory of the fact that a nice shot is lying here. And on that grave, a white tulip, so that everyone would know that I loved her. Robert Pospiš and Martin Sillay: Music and Production Couple. The founders of the Real Music House publishing house collaborate with the top Slovak musicians and the albums with their production have been nominated for the Radio_Head Awards several times. As musicians they started together in the group Peoples (winners of Coca-Cola PopStar 2007), later in the pair they released the albums Arrivals of Departures (2010), Doba (2013) and Balady (2015). Andrej Kolenčík / Admiral: Film director and artist. He is currently working on feature, documentary and animated films, video clips, spots, as well as illustration and design. In 2014, he was selected for the Berlinale Talents event. Since 2015, it has been operating under its Admiral Films brand. He co-founded the international animated film festival Fest Anča, in which he participated for six years. He has, for example, video clips for the formations TWO, Pure Shapes, Ink Midget, DM Reels or Jana Kirschner on his account. Implemented thanks to project contributors on the website. You can listen to the whole album Balady at the following link: Cross-section of the work of Robert Pospiš and Martin Sillay: … Album Balady si you can buy at: Facebook: Screenings: 2017 – Animasyros International Animation Festival, Greece 2017 – Anim’est, Romania 2017 – LINOLEUM, International Contemporary Animation and Media-Art Festival, Ukraine 2017 – Backup kurzfilm festival, Weimar, Germany 2017 – Fest Anca, Slovakia 2017 – Open World Animation Festival 2017, USA 2017 – Anifilm, Trebon, Czech republic 2017 – Golden Kuker, Sofia, Bulgaria – WINNER (Best music video award) 2017 – VOID International animation film festival Copenhagen, Denmark (Special Mention Award) 2016 – 14th Anilogue International Animation festival, Hungary 2016 – ZUBROFFKA, Poland

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