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Memento meter

For 5 years I have been consciously filming life in the Moscow metro on my phone on my way to work and back. And for 5 years I have been dreaming of making a photo exhibition about it. Finally, I found the time and courage. A creative action agreed with no one, which consisted in the fact that for a month I exhibited photographs exactly in the places where they were taken. I just printed my best shots, hung them in stations and carriages, and shot a video about it with a GoPro camera and a phone. Square photographs in a black frame, without signatures and watermarks. The name of the project “Memento metro” is an allusion to the catchphrase “Memento mori”. Literally: “Remember that this is the subway.” Remember that this story happened right here, in this place, and will never be repeated. People in the subway go to work every day, their behavior is habitual and obsessed. One sleeps on the way to work, the other stands at the door and listens to music, the third is on the phone. My task was to see the best, the most sincere and torn from conditioned reflexes. People underground seem more vulnerable and tense. I see a special charm in this, a challenge to seize the moment. For me, this is an open-ended exhibition, and the metro is one big exhibition hall. I will continue to shoot life in the subway, upload pictures on Instagram under the nickname @alex.domra and post them in the places where the photo was taken. It seems to me that this art should live where it was created. It should be public, simple, with the noise of cars, at the station, waiting for the train, swaying on the rails. __________________________ Street art: 5 years’ photoshooting and a solo guerrilla exhibition in the Moscow Metro by Alexey Domrachev. For almost 5 years now on my way to work and back I’ve been consciously photoshooting everyday life inside the Moscow Metro on a camera phone. It took a while and quite a lot of courage to fulfill my dream of setting up an art exhibition of my works. Simple yet genius idea of ​​leaving the printed photos right where they were shot in the Moscow Metro was the unsanctioned art project held for about a month. The metro trains and pavilions turned into the momentary exhibition site. The best shots, square sized and black framed, were printed in black and white with no byline or watermarks used. I filmed it with a Go Pro camera and a camera phone. The name of the project “Memento Metro” is the allusion to the famous Latin motto “Memento Mori”, literally meaning “remember it’s metro”. Remember the story set in here, it will never be repeated. Traveling by metro is a daily routine and everyday action, which is cyclic in nature. Metro demonstrate habitual behavior: one is taking a snooze on his way to work, the other one with headphones on is leaning against a door wagon and the typical one is always on his phone. My goal was to bring out the best of people, the most sincere and genuine of them, as an example of unconditioned responses contrasted with the conditioned ones. Those who go down to subway seem more vulnerable and tense. That enchants me, that is a challenge for me to capture the moment. It’s a timeless exhibition for me and metro is just nothing but an exhibition pavilion. I’ll keep on photoshooting the life in undeground, post on Instagram by @alex.domra and set the shots right where they’d been taken. I think this art should live where it’s born. It should be public art, pure art and the art enriched with the unique roaring sound of train wagons smoothly riding the rails and passing by platform stations.

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