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1998 again? Will there be a default? Expert forecasts | Rising prices and inflation | Ukraine and Russia

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Guys, the whole world is trumpeting about the default. They even named the date – April 15th. In the next issue I will tell you if this is possible? And if a default happens, what awaits you and me? Yard with Rybakov. Do you want to receive mentoring from me personally and get out of the crisis successfully? Follow the link
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What will be in the release? The news is getting more and more disturbing. How does politics affect the economy? Statements morgan stanley Russia and its dependence on the West. News of Russia and the World Latest news from abroad. Will the default stop investments in Russia? The dollar is no longer important. How will we pay off our debts Sanctions against Russia. Can the economy sustain? The dollar will no longer be imported into Russia. Joe Biden is preparing for war Dollar exchange rate for today. Can the Russian currency collapse? Ruble exchange rate News of economy and politics. How will today’s default differ from 1998? Daily News. Impact of sanctions and general rhetoric World currencies and their fate. Russian economy in the near future Dmitry Peskov and his statements. World War III has started? What is a default and how will it affect us? Rising prices in Russia. Will there be a default in Russia this spring? National debt that cannot be repaid Russia’s loan and the absurdity of the situation I also recommend viewing the following formats Thoughts of a billionaire – I share with you the practices that led me to success. Short and to the point. Money, financial literacy and movement to success. How does Igor Rybakov understand entrepreneurship? Million upon million are real success stories of the rich and famous. Here they discuss things that are usually not customary to talk about. Self-development as it is. Those people who made themselves. Personal growth that really affects earnings. Igor Rybakov is a business channel where a successful entrepreneur shares his experience and practices, the secret of a billionaire is kept here. International investment holding:
My social media accounts: The Rybakov Foundation is a private philanthropic organization to promote the development of the social and educational environment

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  1. Учился в универе 2й курс жизнь прекрасна, пофигу дефолты когда кругом девченки красивые

  2. Какая наглость. Вы ,рашисты,устроили войну в другой стране,творите чудовищные вещи ,придумали себе свастику! Конченные фашисты. Стали Изгоями для всего мира!!! И переживаете через дефолт,который,кстати,обязательно случится в вашем разваливающемся недогосударстве. Вам о другом переживать нужно,о том что народ Украины проклял вас,ФАШИТОВ и все ваши поколения. Изгои

  3. Игорь подскажите как опытный бизнесмен. Стоит ли вкладываться в добычу золота. Будет ли спад на золото во время дефолта.? Надеюсь вы прочтете этот комментарий и что нибудь посоветуете. Либо подписчика канала может что знают.

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