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But this does not change the fact that you have a representative of the country Putin, Putin declared war on the whole world. Want something ism

But This Does Not Change The Fact That You Have A Representative Of The Country Putin, Putin Declared War On The Whole World. Want Something Ism Help - Media - Latests News December 4, 2022 1

But this does not change the fact that you have a representative of the country Putin, Putin declared war on the whole world 💣 . If you want to change something, change the representative of the country 🇬🇧 . Here you are, you idiots from the Internet, you ask what you did wrong? You bought coffee in a cafe for 100 rubles. Of which 20 went to taxes: % Orthodox Church % Army … % Education … etc. etc. 💱 . So, you yourself (a) sponsored (a) and paid (a) for the missiles that fly to our country, you are to blame. Because the representative of your country and your people, whom you have chosen, decides your fate. Not the whole world, but you yourself decide who your representative is and how to communicate with the world 🌐 . If you don’t like this arrangement, change it. You don’t like voting rules, come out in droves and change ⚖️ . And what did I do wrong that a rocket flew into my country and bombed a maternity hospital in which there were mothers and children? Why did the projectile fly from your country and why did your soldiers launch it? 🤰 . Spotify sorry? And the thousands of soldiers who are dying on my land, but to shit!? So, because you are so rotten and lazy, you can’t go out and change something, that’s why they treat you like that. And there are many options to change something: Go to rallies, talk about problems, don’t run away from the riot police, but let them 🥊 tell your conscripts not to shoot at civilians, but to surrender🔗 . Life hack: they won’t be able to put you in an overturned bus, and you read like a fool and think “no, I won’t do anything.” Therefore, you will suffer more and more every day, but your suffering – buckets of garbage are worth comparing them with the suffering of our mothers and children! 👶 . The safest thing anyone can do (if the guts go out to the rally) is to say 🗣️ . About what is happening, wherever possible, as a result of conversations, you will understand what to do to change something 🎬 . #kazakhstan #ukraine #belarus #voronezh #war #russia #terrorist #minsk #ryazan #dictator #bryansk #gomel #smolensk #kyrgyzstan #saratov #kiev #ukraine #z #v #raskomnadzor #zelensky #putin #economy #blocking #belarus #Kharkov #Petersburg #St.Petersburg #Chechnya #NorthernStream

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