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Did you know that economic sanctions is an ancient method of economic warfare, but it took until the 1900s before it bec

Did You Know That Economic Sanctions Is An Ancient Method Of Economic Warfare, But It Took Until The 1900S Before It Bec Help - Media - Latests News October 3, 2022 1

Did you know that economic sanctions is an ancient method of economic warfare, but it took until the 1900s before it became one of the main methods to deal with times of war?

Today we’re talking about economic sanctions to the left and right, Russia getting thrown out of the other trade deal after the other. But the phenomenon of economic sanctions is actually ancient.

Back in the 4th century BC the Athenian Empire banned traders from Magera to conduct trade in Athens. This really damaged the Mageran economy and affected the city state a lot. This is the first recorded case of many, during history it wasn’t uncommon to ban traders from specific countries in order to put pressure on them.

This of course affected the sanctioned countries economy but it wasn’t until the rise of the globalized market that it could do some real damage. Most countries were now dependent on imported goods which meant that receiving sanctions in the worst case scenario could lead to the population starving.

This is how sanctions are being used to this day, by trying to put pressure on the enemy both within, with the population getting it worse and externally by hampering the war effort of the sanctioned country.

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