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If this is the last post, so be it! With an open heart to you, regardless of your hatred for everything Russian

If This Is The Last Post, So Be It! With An Open Heart To You, Regardless Of Your Hatred For Everything Russian Help - Media - Latests News October 3, 2022 1

If this is the last post, so be it! With an open heart to you, regardless of your hatred for everything Russian. I was so scared for these people. They themselves write a scenario for the future – yes, I will answer you according to your word, I am looking for hatred in myself and I do not find it. Thank you God for helping me keep my heart clean. Now it is very difficult for many people. And he looks, rubs the bridge of his nose with his forefinger and thumb – “But how can they not go berserk in these human circumstances?” Let’s not freak out. Let’s try. After all, we are Russians, we have a special soul. And we must forgive them – for hatred, for disbelief, for deceit, for betrayal, for corrupt posts and even for Donbas 😔 we must forgive them … and they us … for not coming to save them from shame EARLIER and his own hatred for everything Russian, and therefore for himself. This is suicide 😭 They are all Russians 😔 We will overcome everything. It will be difficult for us only in one thing – to lick the wounds of a once torn one people. It will be difficult to sit down at the same table together and sing a memorial song for those who have not returned. It will be difficult to look into each other’s eyes. And you’ll have to watch, because we’re not going anywhere from each other. We are brothers !!! A person is wounded in the very heart, it hurts him, the surgeon must perform an operation – despite the cries of the patient 😔 unfortunately … the realization of many things comes through pain. To understand and forgive is my task now, when curses are pouring down on me from all sides. Find love in your heart and continue to warm yourself at its hearth. The hearth that God lit in me. Ignite in everyone.

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