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Tomorrow my son turns 11 years old. I’m growing it in a terrible time, I don’t see any good future. Maybe,

Tomorrow My Son Turns 11 Years Old. I'M Growing It In A Terrible Time, I Don'T See Any Good Future. Maybe, Help - Media - Latests News September 25, 2022 1

Tomorrow my son turns 11 years old. I’m growing it in a terrible time, I don’t see any good future. Perhaps he can reproach me for the fact that I gave birth to him. But for one thing he will thank me: for the fact that I saved his soul. When in the future he meets a child who was sitting in the basement of Mariupol, Chernigov, Kharkov, Kyiv, when he hears the story of Ukrainian children that they were starving, thirsty, evacuated under shelling, he will honestly and openly be able to say that he did not stand aside and did a lot to help. My son will be able to understand the boy whose parents put him on the train alone so that he would escape Russian shells. Because he also lived without a mother, and he remembers what it is like. My son will understand the children of Volnovakha, the city that no longer exists, because his childhood is also no more. There is no nursery, those toys, those books, those windows to the courtyard and at dawn, that tree that leaned over it, the sparrows yelling through the bathroom window, the smell of poplars, the voice of Kostya’s friend, nothing. He will understand. He will tell you how he protected his mother. How he lived in a garden house without heating at minus five. How tired of this uncontrollable, stupid, such insane aggression of Russian children who kill Ukrainian children in their dreams. And maybe I have hope that he will be forgiven for having a Russian passport and he will integrate into the developed world community. And I also hope that the works of the writer Nosov, which he loves so much, will help him find a peaceful, energetic and youthful foundation for building a common future with positive and peaceful children of the earth. The Ukrainian city of Irpin is a prototype of the Sunny City. Irpin is destroyed, but the Sunny City is not. He lives. Flowers are blooming there, Vintik and Shpuntik are repairing a car, Syropchik and Donut also love sweets, Doctor Pilyulkin treats kids, and Dunno is looking for himself. And together they build a balloon. #OrderCatLoveCatLove #ElementalElectrics #NoWarUkraine #NoWar #IAgainstWar #Ukraine #Kharkov #Kiev #Odessa #Nikolaev #Mariupol #Kherson #Simferopol #chess #physics #StandWithUkraine #stopwarinukraine #nowarinukraine #Ukraine #Krasnoturinsk #Karpinsk #Severouralsk #Kharpydelka #dir #ukraine #france #macron #ukrainerussie🇺🇦🇷🇺

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