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A vacation that will remain in our memory forever On February 20, early in the morning we gathered with friends and relatives on vacation

A Vacation That Will Remain In Our Memory Forever On February 20, Early In The Morning We Gathered With Friends And Relatives On Vacation Help - Media - Latests News October 4, 2022 1

A vacation that will remain in our memory forever 🏂 On February 20, early in the morning, we gathered with friends and relatives on vacation. The long-awaited Bukovel was waiting for us. We have never been to the Carpathians and we always really wanted to go there. And now our little dream has come true. We had no idea what was ahead of us … We rested, learned to ski and snowboard, went to the vat, played board games and much more, everything was great. On February 26 we had to return to Kyiv. Someone had to go to work, someone had their own business … but in general, we all had to return to our normal lives. Immediately upon arrival, we were waiting for the continuation of the construction of our house (later we will tell about this). As well as many other plans, but … February 24, 2022 at 5:30, a call came in. I was sleeping and realized that it was not the alarm clock that was ringing, and until the last I did not want to believe that it had all started. It has never been so scary to go to the phone. With every step I realized that this was not even a dream. “Wake up, they are shooting in Kyiv,” I heard instead of “Good morning”. I immediately called my parents in Kyiv, they were no longer sleeping, they were awakened by explosions. We were very scared for them and for all the loved ones who were there. The hotel started a storm, everyone ran, called, got ready and left. After 30 minutes, and we were already sitting in cars with suitcases … He, who is not friends with the head. He who ruined millions of plans. He who destroyed thousands of lives and families. He who kills civilians. He who destroyed thousands of houses, hospitals, schools and much more, believing that these are “military installations”. He’s not human because he doesn’t deserve to be. One psycho who needs to be isolated from the whole world has done so much grief and continues to do so. Because of which, thousands of people have to flee their own homes, cities, go abroad. To save yourself, your family. To live in bomb shelters, basements, in constant fear, to be without water, without food, without light, without anything. Many will not return home, and many will not have a place to return to. Children who are left without parents. Parents who are left without children. We will never forgive you! Scroll through the continuation 👉🏼

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Location : Ukraine

By : drobotun.travels


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