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Attention (sudden): squirrels in Kiev More precisely: a dozen manipulative squirrels looking for family and shelter History so

Attention (Sudden): Squirrels In Kiev More Precisely: A Dozen Manipulative Squirrels Looking For Family And Shelter History So Help - Media - Latests News September 25, 2022 1

Attention (sudden): a squirrel in Kyiv🐿 Or rather: a dozen manipulative squirrels looking for family and shelter🏡 The story is as follows. In an apartment building in the center of Kyiv, where my parents live, new residents have recently appeared on the stairwell – the Chilean degu squirrels. This is something between a squirrel, a guinea pig and a jerboa. In short, a small, funny and absolute mimicry. Some **** #! ГорEgor, who probably traded degu protein on an industrial scale, decided to run away from Kyiv, and also decided for his neighbors that they would be able to take care of his protein. The story is not new, there are many on the Internet about dogs, cats and their owners, who preferred a suitcase over an animal. Yegor, out of kindness, left some food, but completely forgot to warn that complete with three adult squirrels is a full tray of still blinded little squirrels. It is simply impossible to list them, because they are afraid of light, movement and everything possible, but it seems that there are dozens of them. That is, together with adults – about 1️⃣3️⃣🐿‼ ️ My parents look for proteins, 🌾feed, clean, but, first, as cats, they have no idea how to care for protein, although my father broke the whole Google. And their age and health are no longer the ones to take care of a dozen and a half proteins. Secondly, the cage is normal in size for three adults, but quite young to grow up – and they will be cramped there. Thirdly, we don’t even want to imagine what will happen there if they start to reproduce 🤦🏻‍♀️ So now I’m looking for people with big ❤️ who are still in Kyiv and, although they never dreamed of white degu, are ready to shelter though would be one little squirrel. I will be grateful for the reposts 🙏🏼 And even more grateful to those who want to fill their family with squirrels. Write in private and I will arrange a tete-a-tete meeting 🐿 PS If someone knows about the care of degu proteins, your advice in the comments will be invaluable 🌟 PPS @ uanimals.official @zoopatrulkyiv If there is an opportunity to evacuate the protein or find them a more reliable shelter than the stairwell, please help 🙏🏼. . . # Kyiv # Kyiv #Kyiv #Ukraine # squirrel # squirrel # squirreldegu #squirrel #degusquirrel #saveanimals # rescue of animals #animals #animallovers #pets

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By : lena_snezhok


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