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Positive thinking and faith will save our World Choosing light each time we destroy darkness, all that negativity that tries to

Positive Thinking And Faith Will Save Our World Choosing Light Each Time We Destroy Darkness, All That Negativity That Tries To Help - Media - Latests News October 3, 2022 1

Positive thinking and faith will save our World ✌🙏🌈 Choosing light each time we destroy darkness, all that negativity that is trying to take over us! The more people succumb to emotions and feelings of lower energies (fear, resentment, anger, aggression, despondency, a sense of injustice ..), the greater their strength and influence on other people according to the boomerang principle! Nourish it… do not harbor feelings of evil, hatred, sadness, do not drown in these emotions for a long time, I ask you🙏 Do not give in to panic, psychological manipulation! Believe me, sometimes it’s useful to be a little indifferent in order to maintain balance within yourself, sobriety and clarity of mind, in order to hear your soul at important moments, making truly right decisions. Everything needs a balance in emotions and feelings too, especially at the present time, when there is a war! And now it is going on not only in the dense world, the physical, but also on the subtle plane, the spiritual, in each of us inside ourselves! Every time you see / hear bad things that cause bad emotions and thoughts in you, switch your attention to the positive and choose a positive version of events, reprogramming the space for the victory of light and goodness! It was yesterday that I tried to convey to everyone, in an understandable language, our already beloved antidepressant @alexey.arestovich .✌ . The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker on Obolonskaya Embankment, on the site of the baptism of Kievan Rus, is painted. . PS: Description of the painting and photos taken a couple of days before the start of the war, which inspired me, see in the carousel👉 . @pinchukartcentre @zelenskiy_official @olenazelenska_official #kiev #no war #Ukraine #Ukraine #creativity #artist #digital #illustrator #art #art #digitalart #myart #love #war #sky #world #world #travel #dnepr #vsco #photo #follow #instagram #style #photography #beauty #Kharkov #Lvov #Odessa #happy

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