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# pray for israel to properly arrange Ukrainian refugees Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked announced on Sunday 3/13 that people who fled Ukraine with relatives in Israel will be exempted from the 25,000 set for refugees who are ineligible for Israeli citizenship. Entry caps for people.The move comes at a time when both inside and outside the government are arguing over the government’s refugee policy.

# Pray For Israel To Properly Arrange Ukrainian Refugees Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked Announced On Sunday 3/13 That People Who Fled Ukraine With Relatives In Israel Will Be Exempted From The 25,000 Set For Refugees Who Are Ineligible For Israeli Citizenship. Entry Caps For People.the Move Comes At A Time When Both Inside And Outside The Government Are Arguing Over The Government'S Refugee Policy. Help - Media - Latests News October 3, 2022 1

#prayer for Israel to properly arrange for Ukrainian refugees🇮🇱 Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked announced on Sunday 3/13 that people who fled Ukraine with relatives in Israel will be exempted from refugees who are ineligible for Israeli citizenship. The entry cap of 25,000 people. 📌This move comes at a time when criticism of the government’s refugee policy has grown, both inside and outside the government. 📌 It is unclear how many refugees the new policy means Israel will now take in. 📌Diaspora Minister Nachman Shai, one of many members of the ruling coalition that has been protesting the entry cap, called the new policy “too little, too late”. 🇮🇱 Interior Minister Shakide said last week that from the start of the war, Israel will allow no more than 5,000 Ukrainian refugees who are ineligible to emigrate, and allow them to join the roughly 20,000 Ukrainian nationals who were already in the country when the war began. temporarily in Israel. ✏️Earlier on Sunday, it was reported that the entry limit of 5,000 people had been exceeded. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 7,179 Ukrainian nationals have arrived in Israel and 221 have been denied entry, according to statistics released Sunday morning by the Population and Border Administration. ✏️ Statistics include those who are migrating, as well as those who are eligible to immigrate under the Return Act, which grants Israeli citizenship to anyone with Jewish grandparents. 🙏🏻 In the past week, the acceptance of more Ukrainian refugees into Israel has sparked a heated debate at home and within the government, as well as growing anger over the treatment of those arriving at the airport, some of whom have been detained for many hours . 🇮🇱Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said during his visit to Romania on Sunday 3/13 that Israel has a moral obligation to allow more Ukrainian refugees, regardless of their status, and condemned the airport procedure, 🙌🏻Israel “has a moral obligation Be part of an international effort to help refugees from Ukraine find a warm home and a bed. We have an obligation not only to be good Jews, but also to be good people,”. ‼ ️Rapid continued that what is unforgivable and unacceptable is the mistake made when dealing with refugees who have already arrived in Israel, and the scene of an old woman and her daughter sleeping on the floor at Ben Gurion Airport must not be repeated . 🇮🇱 Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman, himself an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, said on Sunday that Israel must allow entry to all Ukrainian refugees arriving in the country. He told the news outlet that when the cannons were heard, we had to accept all the escapees whose lives were at risk. He added that when the shooting stops, we need to stop accepting refugees, but right now, there is a mortal danger that people are coming from all kinds of places where the war is going on…they’re not going to settle here in order to find work. We need to allow those who come in. 🕊In announcing the new policy, Home Affairs Minister Shah Keid said on Sunday: “As persecuted Jews, we understand what a refugee is, and we open our hearts to those who do not qualify for citizenship. 💡 But she said such a move “has to be done to a limited extent. We can’t open the door to everyone. It won’t happen on my schedule.” 🟣 So a cap will remain, but in order to maintain the The visa agreement – after a meeting with the Deputy Attorney-General this morning, it was decided that relatives will be exempt from the quota. 🟡Minister of the Interior Sakide said that anyone coming from Ukraine who has a relative living in Israel and that relative signs a form stating that the refugee will stay with them for a month or two will be exempt from the quota. 🟢 It is unclear how close the relationship must be to qualify, nor what evidence is required. Most Ukrainian refugees arriving in Israel are believed to already have family or friends in the country. 🔵 Previously, Shakaide announced that she had filed a petition in the High Court over the weekend against the Home Minister’s earlier policy. The Ukrainian embassy in Israel supports the petition, which claims that the refugee entry limit violates international agreements between Israel and Ukraine, as well as international conventions to which Israel is a party. 🇮🇱 Prime Minister Bennett welcomed Shaqed’s announcement on Sunday, saying that while Israel’s main goal is to help migrants, at the same time, we are in a moment that requires us to lend a helping hand, be the ones fleeing war and have a place in Israel. A shelter for relatives, even temporarily, we can be their support during this difficult time. 🙌🏻 Earlier on Sunday, she doubled down on her policy of limiting the number of refugees ineligible for citizenship, and the interior minister said it was possible to do something populist, but I chose to do the right thing, even if it was unpopular . 🟠 She also reiterated the claim that Israel must limit the number of non-immigrant Ukrainian refugees it allows entry in order to be able to absorb the expected influx of new immigrants fleeing the war. ‼ ️To date, more than 2,000 new immigrants from Ukraine have arrived in Israel, and more than 7,000 immigrants have contacted the Israel Jewish Affairs Agency to inquire about immigration. 🇮🇱Diaspora Minister Shai slammed Shakide’s latest policy 👉🏻 News Source: TOI News Date: 2022/3/13 📸Nati Shohat/ Flash90 📸Office of Diaspora Affairs Minister Dr. Nachman Shai 📸Maya Alleruzzo/AP #Israel #ukraine #SupportUkraine #refugees #ukrainian #RussiaUkraine #UkraineWar #UkraineCrisis #UkraineConflict #standwithukriane

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