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This Sunday, on the airwaves of the Première @rtbf in the program “In which world we live” the journalist and director

This Sunday, On The Airwaves Of The Première @Rtbf In The Program &Quot;In Which World We Live&Quot; The Journalist And Director Help - Media - Latests News September 25, 2022 1

🎙 This Sunday, on the air of the First @rtbf in the show “In which world we live” journalist and director Safia Kessas sent a letter to Elena Osipova. 🔎 Who is she? 👊 She is a figure of the peace movement in Russia. She was arrested by Russian police during a demonstration against the war in Ukraine in Saint Petersburg. The images and the video of his arrest went around the world and the media. ➡️ She lived through World War II and survived the Siege of Leningrad. A 77-year-old activist artist, she is known to Russians for being the woman who raises her voice against Putin’s policies. 📣 For two decades, she has participated in protests with her own works as signs to protest. 💬 Safia Kessas addresses these words to him: ” I saw the police take you away with your little blue beret, your tight brown plaid scarf and your overcoat. You were bundled up to protect you from the cold and also from repressive stupidity. I discovered that you have become a symbol of the peace movement in Russia. (…) You were already present during the anti-war rallies in support of Ukraine in 2014. And here you are again today in 2022, as a figure of opposition to Putin, arrested like thousands of other opponents to say stop to the war in Ukraine, shouting that the Russian people are not Russian power”. ➡️The entire chronicle of Safia Kessas can be found in the link of our bio. ✍️ @emmamestriner_ #ukraine #russie #war #yelenaOsipova #war #peace #peace #protest #manifestation #warUkraine #Putin #inspiringwomen #feminism #empowerment #woman #fightwar #saintpetersburg #strongwoman #inspiration #lettre #lapremiere #lesgrenadesrtbf #rtbf # thegrenades #rtbfinfo

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