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Where Depression Comes From Biological factors (such as metabolic changes

Where Depression Comes From Biological Factors (Such As Metabolic Changes Help - Media - Latests News September 25, 2022 1

💠Where Depression Comes From Biological factors (eg, metabolic changes in the brain), family conditions (eg, parents with depression) or stressful life experiences in the past can be precursors of depression. Certain physical illnesses (such as hypothyroidism), certain medications (antibiotics), and alcohol or drug abuse can also cause depression. Patients often find it difficult at first to accept the disease. They feel that others do not understand them. Well-intentioned advice such as “Pull yourself together” or encouragement such as “Cheer up, everything will be fine” does not help. Signs of depression often appear out of the blue and for no apparent reason. 🔹Depression: “Is it a physical or mental illness?” According to the conclusions of psychologists, these two areas are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary. This means that depression has no physical (neurobiological) or psychosocial causes, but always a search for causes on both sides, but therapeutic intervention can also be used. 🔹 Neurobiological causes of depression In this case, genetic factors, for example, increase the predisposition to develop depression. The trigger for this may be changes in the composition of stress hormones. The standard therapy in such cases is drug treatment. 🔹Psychosocial Causes of Depression For example, traumatic experiences (often at a young age) lead to a predisposition to depression. Triggers can be, for example, the loss of loved ones due to death or separation, experiences of abuse, experiences of failure, unemployment, or chronic stress. Paradoxically, even positive life changes (moving or taking an exam) can trigger a depressive episode. This leads to states of joylessness, helplessness, meaninglessness and hopelessness. The treatment of choice for this form of depressive episodes is usually outpatient psychotherapy. Continued 👇👇👇

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